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Newborn Portfolio


 I am so glad you came all the way to my Newborn Portfolio page! 

 This must mean you are interested in viewing my work and analyzing my style. Take a look around, these 

 are just some of my all time favorites and keep in mind, I have only just opened studio, so I am eager to 

 play! If you think you are ready to become an Ever After Client then let the fun begin! 

 Hey! You made it!

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest treasures and each birth is so unique and beautiful. 


Luckily you booked me wayyy in advance to secure your date and here we your newborn session already. Get ready to have your heart stopped because I have come up with the perfect styling, most flattering lighting and I am going to capture some out of this world  portraits of your little baby bundle!

Lifestyle Newborn

Take a minute to fill out our newborn questionnaire before booking!

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