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Miss Navy

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Every minute of working with this family has been magical.

We did an Add-On Maternity session in the middle of winter, which as any Canadian photographer will tell you, can be either a terrible white mess or be complete magic.....hers was magic! We shot on the most beautiful property during golden hour that overlooked an amazing distant view of the Rocky Mountains. Everything about her was sophisticated and elegant in the red gown and shoulder fur.

Following the Maternity session I had the pleasure of doing their Birth Education (I am a birth worker in my free time and it is a deep passion I have). We covered all the important birthy things and I left them with a TON of information to absorb and go through. What I love most about teaching birth education to new parents is the having the opportunity to make sure they understand their rights and how to exercise them. Being a mother with birth trauma, I want to prevent that from happening to my clients. It also gives me the opportunity to really get to know them as couple and soon to be parents.

Going into the newborn session, Jenna had send me a few inspiration photos that she had been working on at home. I was amazed at her teddy wrapping skills quite frankly 😂 Every pose worked out perfectly and we were able to capture some of the most intricate and detailed newborn photos I have done yet. Navy slept like a dream almost the entire time and when she was awake, she was just a curious little soft soul.

My favorite part you ask??? The TIME-LAPSE imagery we captured in-between all this awesomeness! It is such a fun way to create something unique to your experience and baby. I offer these as an Add-On or on their own <3


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