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Easter Mini's

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I figured this would be a good time to make a post about my mini sessions. What goes into designing the setups? Why do I choose certain colour tones? What is my market base?

I had a lot of fun taking these Easter Mini's!! These kiddos were so cute and so easy to photograph! I am not someone who is used to designing mini session setups and offering these, so I trying to find my creativity with what I WANT my style to be. I want a clean and simple look, so the children will always be the focus. I tend to design sets that are more neutral in tones, so that they can match the majority of home styles. When designing my mini's I always strive to provide a high quality image, at prices that can be affordable for all famillies.

I get asked every year at this time if I will offer live animal sessions at Easter and I think it is super important to address that. Anyone with young children knows that they are not always the most gentle or loving beings on the planet, at such early ages. I believe that no animal should be exposed to the possibility of being injured, even accidentally, for the gratification of a picture. I believe respecting life in all manners, to the best of your ability, is crucial to creating a life of harmony and balance. So for this reason, you will not find live animal sessions at my studio, BUT I always welcome you to bring your own animals, should you desire to have something that would include a living animal. I have had cats, dogs, bunnies and chickens! So don't be afraid to ask to bring your own loved fur babies!


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