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Mentorship with Paige Koster Photography

I was seriously so fortunate to be able to do this mentorship with Paige Koster. I have been studying and practising newborn photography for almost a year and was struggling with table top posing. I just wasn't confident in getting baby to sleep and pose them without interruption, no matter how many videos I watched or online tutorials I was attending. I had plans last summer of attending an in-person training in Lacombe, that ended up getting cancelled due to Covid. So this winter when I saw a relatively local photographer offer in person mentorships, specifically for newborn photography, I took the plunge and signed up. I was nervous for a multitude of reasons but I knew that it was something that I needed to be doing.

When the day finally came for me to attend the in person mentorship I was beyond thrilled! I had been to her studio once before for my own son's First Birthday Cake Smash, this time though, it just felt so different. Seeing how she organized her props and chose her setups was incredibly helpful as a new studio owner. Being able to pick her brain and watch her workflow during that afternoon was everything I needed and then some.

Hands down worth every penny. Watching her I realized, this is almost exactly how I operate but I just have less confidence with posing the babies (most likely due to lack of experience posing the babies). She made me feel so comfortable and so confident in her studio. Watching how she operated with her assistant made it clear as day that I needed to add an assistant to my team, they were like one person operating with four hands. Her assistant anticipated her needs and moves ahead of time and allowed her the space to interact with the parents without interruption to the workflow. She was so generous to allow me to watch table top posing, wrapped bucket posing, and in parent hands posing. She literally covered EVERYTHING I asked for and then some.

Plus the benefits havent stopped, as I am now a part of her social media mentorship page for any future questions, to look back at editing techniques and just to get overall inspiration from what an amazing business woman she is.

Guys...if you are in newborn photography and "thinking" you may need or want to do a mentorship with someone....seriously look no further! PAIGE IS THE NEWBORN MENTOR GODDESS THAT YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!

Thank you so much Paige, I already know I will be doing another with you in the future to nail down some specific advanced poses <3


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